So many “search professionals” FEAR asking the tough questions, or “taking too much of your time”. They spend more time selling you on their ability to find people, but less learning about the business problem this hire is expected to solve. Armed with minimal data, they leave it to YOU to weed out marginal candidates. NIMIS Group executive recruiting has the courage to dig deeper, we have the courage to ADVISE you, and our candidates. We may even challenge you. We have the courage to assert ourselves as partners in helping you solve your business problems.


Integrity is a great buzzword. But let’s be honest – integrity is actually profitable. In the staffing world, integrity means realizing the value of a long-term relationship. Integrity means not shoehorning someone into a job when you know you’ll just have to replace them down the road. We are not here to SELL you candidates. We’re here to help you solve business problems. We’re here to help you attract and hire the best, and to prevent costly mis-hires.


Most business problems are really staffing problems. All staffing problems are business problems. An unfilled role costs you real and lost opportunity cost every day. We understand that recruiting isn’t just about filling a role, it is about solving business problems properly, precisely, and quickly.


We pride ourselves on having a defined repeatable and efficient process. But no two searches are alike. What about those really unique “problem searches”? Over the past 20 years we have acquired the imagination, flexibility, creativity, and adaptability to solve the toughest staffing problems.

Business Sense

Sure, there are a lot of great recruiters out there. They may know the right buzzwords in your industry. They might even know your competitors or have a great database. NONE have spent 20 years learning the trends and challenges you, your competitors, your partners, and your clients face. We are not just recruiters. We are business professionals in YOUR market.