Eliminating Surprises:
Our candidate management process.

How many offers you have made that have been turned down? How many “new hires” have you lost to a counteroffer, or a last-minute offer from another company?

Most internal and external recruiters are either too time strapped, or just don’t know how to manage the interviewing and onboarding process in a way that assures you’re working not only with the BEST talent, but also the talent that’s motivated to work for you, at the right price, for the right reasons. Talent that will accept your offer, show up on day one, and excel over time.

A vast majority of people who engage in recruiting, whether that’s a line manager, an internal recruiter, or a third-party recruiter…. simply conduct a keyword search or work their network, manage the scheduling of interviews, make the offer, sit back, and hope.

At NIMIS, we believe we’re not just in the business of finding candidates. We’re in the business of preventing costly, time-wasting surprises. Here’s a snapshot of what we do.

The devil is in the detail. The first thing we do is schedule a 45–60-minute intake call to understand your need to a granular level. We spend our time up front, so we don’t waste yours later by re-educating us on your business or the role. Our intake process allows us to know EVERYTHNG about your company, the job, the ideal skill fit, cultural fit. We ask tough questions. We advise and suggest. We brainstorm. We drill down until we are crystal clear on what you need.

We leave no stone untuned. Leveraging our vast database of industry professionals, our relationships, LinkedIn, and proprietary search tools, we cast a wide net that catches ANYONE who might be qualified…and anyone that might refer us to that person.
It’s hard to get people’s attention these days. You must be resourceful, persistent, and patient. The messaging HAS to be compelling. Using all means available, NIMIS will conduct an outreach campaign, relentlessly employing Email, InMail, SMS, and, of course, the phone…repeatedly when needed, to engage all qualified prospects. And we do it in a way that sells your company, and the opportunity. We develop a compelling employee value proposition that entices the best people to give us their time.
“Urgency is everything. Time kills all deals. Strike when the iron is hot.” These principles all apply to getting candidates to you in a timely fashion. For any prospect that expresses a willingness to discuss the position, NIMIS will schedule times to talk the SECOND that person is available.
Have you ever had a detailed first interview with a candidate who looked perfect on paper, only to find that they’re not serious about moving, you can’t afford them, they can’t travel as much as you need them to, or can’t commute to your office? To ensure speedy delivery, we always conduct a short pre-interview to help separate serious prospects from the “tire-kickers”, or those well outside the key requirements. We cover the big stuff first, enabling us to quickly move down the list and shorten our delivery time to you.
Once pre-interviewed, NIMIS will conduct a thorough interview, matching the prospect against qualifications, digging into their current role and how it matches your role, vetting their track record of success, motivation to change, culture fit, availability to interview, timing, and other offers, assuring that the candidate is sincerely interested in the opportunity, at the right price, is a cultural fit, and a skill fit. We ask the tough questions so you can be sure you don’t spend your time interviewing unqualified or unmotivated candidates.
We don’t just send resumes and compensation requirements. NIMIS creates a detailed summary of our findings for all candidates we submit. These include not only why they’re fit, but also things to watch out for.
Scheduling, prepping, debriefing, sharing ours/their feedback with you are all part of our process. NIMIS maintains constant communication with candidates, and YOU, because things change. Other opportunities present themselves; people get promoted, laid off, etc. We can’t do this without building trust with our candidates. We do this through constant but meaningful communication. We build rapport and credibility which leads to trust. Trust leads to honesty. Honesty minimizes surprises.
Your reputation in the employment marketplace is important. Good news travels fast. Bad news travels faster. We act as your partner in giving ALL candidates a pleasant and professional interview experience where even the candidates that don’t make the cut walk away saying good things about you and your company. We help advise our clients to do the same.
This is our secret sauce. Few things are more frustrating than being left at the alter by a candidate who walks away at the end. When candidates are late in the process and an offer is becoming more likely, we conduct a 25-point re-qualification interview that tells us all decision factors, from the tiniest details about health benefits, to talking through their concerns about market trends and everything in between….We help you decide if it makes sense to make an offer, and if so what that offer should look like. From this we make recommendations. Sometimes that may mean telling you NOT to make an offer. Sometimes it may be that you have additional dialogue before doing so. Whatever the conclusion, it is with the goal of never having an offer be presented without knowing it will be accepted.
It’s amazing how you can advise someone on a tough career decision when they know you are acting in his/her best interest. We earn the right to be a career advisor when needed. The decision to change jobs is a massive one. Sometimes folks with the best intentions get cold feet. We have the courage and credibility to help in those situations by reminding candidates why they entered the process in the first place. We don’t coax or cajole… but we also don’t let your offer get turned down if accepting it is in the candidate’s best interest.
Resignation is a stressful and emotional experience. Imagine doing all this work, then losing your candidate because their boss threw a big pile of money at them. Our candidates rarely accept counteroffers because we coach them to expect them and remind them why they’re so dangerous. Since they trust us, they tend to turn them down.
Ever have a “new hire” formally accept your offer and then disappear, or accept another offer? Ever have an applicant change their mind after committing to you? Our process prevents that, right through the day the candidate begins their employment with you. The time between the interview and start date is so critical. We help you and your new hire develop a trusting relationship, and exchange critical information that will help them get up to speed fast. By keeping them focused on you and their new role, they’re less likely to focus on other opportunities. We help facilitate loyalty and trust, because people tend to stay true to their word when they have a trusting relationship with you. That only happens with regular communication.
We engage with your new hire the week and day before they are expected to begin work. Do they have what they need? Are they prepared? Are they going to show up?
With you and with them. Is the candidate “as advertised”? Is the job? How’s it going? We follow-up day one, day five, month one, Q-one. If there are problems, we find them early and share, advise, coach, and facilitate. Your hire was a big investment. We do everything we can to protect it.