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Nimis Group is a national, boutique executive recruiting and staffing agency with over two decades successfully building winning sales, marketing, and technical teams in Retail-POS, AIDC, RFID, Mobility, and Pro-AV. Our deep industry expertise, unparalleled network, and holistic approach delivers perfect-fit candidates to support your success.

Some Of Our Past And Current Clients

Why Choose Nimis Group?

Two decades building winning sales, marketing and technical teams in Retail-POS, AIDC, RFID, Mobility, and Pro-AV.

  • INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: We know the applications, marketplace trends, how your clients use your technology, and what they want and need. To you this means minimal time in educating us on your positions, products, services and clients…
  • CONNECTIONS: “Small world!” We hear it all the time. Any industry is a “small world” to those who really know it. We really know it. If you have a need, we likely have strong relationships with highly-qualified, motivated, sought-after industry professionals that can meet and exceed your expectations.
  • SPEED: Faster “time-to fill.” Your critical staffing problems will not be problems for long. And the candidates we bring will require less training than others.

The benefit to you

  • QUALITY: Knowing your market means knowing who has been successful in it. But quality is not just about market knowledge… A true staffing partner needs courage, integrity, resourcefulness, urgency and business sense.
  • DEEP DIVE: We spend the time with you up front understanding your precise needs for the roles you need filled. We hone in on skills, qualifications, personality and cultural fit, saving you time during the interview process.
  • SOURCING AND ATTRACTING HIDDEN TALENT: We have a deep and wide arsenal of tools, systems and processes that help us locate and identify hidden talent, FAST.
  • AVOIDING TURN-DOWNS, COMPETITIVE OFFERS, “TIRE-KICKERS”: Our unique candidate vetting process ensures the candidates you want will accept your offer, be thrilled to start day one, and stay long past industry averages.
  • CONSULTATIVE: With over 20 years in our markets, we have seen a lot! At NIMIS we add value by being a consultative business partner, not just a “vendor.” This means, we ask the tough questions, make recommendations, and even challenge our clients based on years of observing the BEST and WORST hiring practices employed by your partners and competitors.

Areas of Expertise

We are the gold standard in delivering the best top-tier talent in Retail POS, AIDC, RFID, Mobility, and Pro-AV. We understand the market and your clients. We know the players and up-and-comers. Our bench is deep and our knowledge of how to get you who you want – fast and the first time – is what makes working with us the best choice for your bottom line. Plus, we make it easy and enjoyable for you!


We have deep connections and knowledge in the Retail POS space including self-checkout, payments, EAS, source tagging & more.


Our roots are in barcoding. From tag-and-label to fix-mount scanning to hand-held, we span the full spectrum of the AIDC market.


From in-store asset-tagging to item-level management on the shop floor, we have a deep and wide bench of talent in the RFID space.


From rugged computing, MDM software, and mobile printing to wearable devices, we’ve served the mobility market for decades.


We partner with the world’s top integrators, display manufacturers, mounting organizations, and resellers, helping them find the top performers in the Pro-AV marketplace.

Unlocking Talent. Empowering Success.

Want top retail talent? That’s where we come in.

Marc’s success has been highly instrumental for SATO America and his record of accomplishments are unsurpassed.

Amy J. Garrison, Human Resources Manager , SATO America

Marc is a great asset to any organization. He is a trusted advisor to clients and candidates, a mentor to the newcomers, and someone I can always trust to get the job done.

Jon Bartos, Chief Investment Officer, Starfish Partners

Marc is a talented leader in the field of talent acquisition and management. His ability to build strong strategic partnerships with clients, along with his focus on delivering a quality talent pool is a value to any organization that he supports.

Jennifer Clark, Talent Acquisition Sr. Manager, Human Resources, DB Schenker

Marc Sennett of NIMIS came highly referred to our organization, as a specialist within our industry. Marc jumped right in and has displayed professionalism, ensured top notch business and candidate experiences, smooth processes and ultimately successful hires with his identification and recruitment of quality talent.

Jeffrey D. Baker, Head, Global Talent Acquisition, Toshiba

Marc’s knowledge of our business and expertise in people, ability, and skillset was a huge advantage to our organization. Marc put this skillset to work in order find and place new talent into our company.

Matt Cunningham, Vice President of Sales, Barcodes, Inc.

I would highly recommend Marc for any organization looking to fuel growth, build high performance teams and become an asset with HR providing “Thought Leadership”  to your Recruiting Strategy.

John E Chis, JEC Consulting

Marc thrives on a job well done for his clients, for his candidates, for his business and, most of all, his family.

Brandon Cameron, Account Executive, LexisNexis

I am happy our company chose to outsource our recruiting efforts to Marc Sennett.

Michael Grudecki, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Heartland

Avoiding Turn-downs, Competitive Offers, “Tire-Kickers”

Our unique candidate vetting process ensures the candidates you want will accept your offer, be thrilled to start day one, and stay long past industry averages. To learn more about it, click below:

At NIMIS, creating opportunities for mutual success is our goal every day. We achieve that goal by developing real, meaningful relationships with and connections between our business partners and candidates. Bottom line, we want to improve your situation.

The recruiting and staffing world is increasingly full of bots and often kids who are still trying to figure out their career paths. At NIMIS we are seasons veterans. We are grownups with experience, skill, and insight. We understand the depth and complexity that hiring plays in the success of a business. We also understand that a career decision affects not only candidates, but their families, and more broadly, their quality of life. We take seriously the role we play in helping grow companies and fulfilling career aspirations and approach it with the utmost respect.

Our Team

Our team at NIMIS is comprised of experienced, caring, and dedicated individuals who are committed to connecting high-quality organizations with highly-talented professionals. We take our jobs seriously because hiring is a considerable, long-term investment, and a career-choice is a major life decision. Your business matters to us. Your career matters to us. And we pride ourselves on our ability to understand the unique needs, goals, and focus of everyone involved in the hiring process.

Marc Sennett


Marc has nearly twenty-five years of recruiting and staffing experience, specializing in the retail tech-point of sale, mobile supply chain, data collection and asset tracking markets. Marc has won numerous awards for his achievements in recruiting, and is a mentor, coach, public speaker and writer. In 2020 Marc founded NIMIS with the goal of providing a more personalized experience to his candidates and clients.

“Recruiting has changed, and in many ways, NOT for the better. LinkedIn, Indeed, bots, etc. can certainly help clients identify candidates faster, but the process has become more and more transactional. Recruiting is about guiding people through a massive life decision, and supporting companies as they make a long-term investment. It’s not about finding a body and selling them to a company. I wanted to start a firm where both candidates and clients are treated with the care and respect that decisions of this magnitude warrant.” -Marc Sennett

Chapin Young

Head of Pro-AV Practice

Chapin spent around 20 years of her professional life Pro-AV adjacent… working in executive, leadership, and creative roles for major studios, media conglomerates, TV networks and digital media from Disney to Viacom, MTV to MySpace, partnering with all of the major studios and networks including Paramount, Sony, Universal, NBC, CBS, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple, etc., and working with and for A-list actors, directors, musicians, politicians and activists from Anna Kendrick to Zendaya, and Al Gore to Zac Efron with all of the Justin Timberlakes and Jennifer Lawrences in between.

Her experience in the spaces where Pro-AV lives – broadcast studios, control rooms, conference rooms, live events, etc. – is broad and deep. Many relationships and connections cross over. But most importantly are her transferrable skills and experience that do as well. Her strengths lie in being able to connect quickly and really understand both people and organizations, get to the heart of the needs and wants of both, and make meaningful connections between the two. “When I think about what matters most in recruiting, it’s finding the right match where everybody wins big picture and long-term. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I’ve been able to bring the right candidate to the right company at the right time for both and I’m thrilled to be doing this with NIMIS.”

Ryan Sennett

Business Development Manager

Ryan joined NIMIS shortly after it’s founding in 2020. Since then he has honed his expertise as a skilled researcher. Adept at sourcing hard-to-find talent, Ryan has continued our efforts to build out our deep and wide bench of high-caliber talent. He also supports our client outreach efforts and is always on the lookout for emerging organizations to add to our portfolio.